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Do You Get Confused By All The Science And The Experts?

These days everybody seem to have some scientific studies showing why the things they say is the right thing to do. We hear different things from different scientists about what to eat, when to eat how to eat etc. So how do we know if we’re doin’ the right thing?

Some say we have to eat every three hours to keep the metabolism going. Some say you can go 17 hours without eating and nothing will happen to your metabolism. Some say you have to eat breakfast while others say you don’t have to eat until somtime in the afternoon. Some say that you have to do your fatburning cardio on an empty stomach when you wake up in the morning, others say it doesn’t matter when you exercise as long as you do it. All these different opinions can confuse even the most experienced gymrat. I’m sure those who follow their regimen and theories will reach the goals they’ve set for themselves. But then again some people do the complete opposite of what’s recommended, and they still perform with the best of ’em.

The whole point here being that we’re all different. Bottom line it’s all really about calories in vs calories out (well, not really, but just to make it simple lets say it is, ok?!). The reason we need different training and eating regimens is that we live our lives differently. Some don’t need much sleep, others do. Some perform heavy manual labor, others hardly move. Some love sweets, others love fat foods. Some love to eat, others have no problem skipping meals. All these things factor in when you try to decide what diet you should use.

Lots of people quit their diet or training because they hear or read about how it should really be. The most common thing is probably that you perform morning cardio on an empty stomach, eat little and often, stay away from carbs, lift weights and after do some cardio. You have to walk around remembering everything and even learn to cook healthy food to bring to work. But it doesn’t actually have to be like that. You can create your own rythm that suits you and your lifestyle!!
The best training regimen is the one that suits YOU!!!
Here are som typical things that might stop you from finishing a diet;

  • I can’t stand eating breakfast!

-Fine!! Skip it then!

  • I can’t do cardio on an empty stomach!

-Fine!! Have a SMALL meal before then.

  • I’d rather eat alot at once than small meals all day!

-Fine! Eat 3 or 4 bigger meals instead of 6-8 small ones then.

  • I can’t eat at work!

-Fine! Eat before you leave and when you finish.

  • I don’t have time to exercise!

-Excercise WHEN you have time.

  • I can’t stay away from carbs!

-Fine! Eat SOME carbs then!!

The whole point being that you don’t have to follow what someone else is saying or doing in order for you to live an active and healthy lifestyle.
If something is impossible, then do it another way. The best workout and diet regimen is the one that suits YOU perfectly!!
There are hundreds of different diets, trainingprogrammes etc. that work even though they’re extremely different, sometimes even complete opposites. But remember: Often we create excuses that aren’t real. It’s not just about knowing your body, but also your psyche and your mind.


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