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IRL Sims

Ok, bear with me on this one. It’s probably gonna seem a bit “out there” at first, but there’s a point to it. I promise.

Imagine your life being a simulator game run on a computer with limited computing resources. Is your life richer when you’re alone with someone in a simple enviroment compared to being out in a busy public area? Are there any advantages to simplicity? Most likely it would free up some computing resources which would result in a better and richer simulation of other parts of your life experience?!

By filling your life with clutter in any way, shape or form, is it at all possible that you’re actually wasting computing resources that you could have used to simulate a much richer life?
How can you expect that your life simulating computer should be able to give you new, rewarding experiences if you’re throwing away it’s resources on simulating shit you don’t need?
Almost every single person (me included) who stop doing what doesn’t inspire and fulfill them experience that some sort of void is created. But soon it’s been filled with new experiences. Might sound like a cliche, but when a door closes another opens. By shutting down some of the clutter in your reality, maybe you’re freeing up some more computing resources that can be used to actually make your simulated life better in other aspects?

If the computer is running at full capacity most of the time you can’t add anything new unless you delete something old. If you want to run some new programs, such as a new business or maybe a new relationship, you have to close some of the programs already running. One way of doing this is to go to a nice, simple uncluttered space, and just be alone for a while. Another way is to give away or throw out everything you don’t need. Everything present in your life that’s not adding value is just wasting computing resources!!

If your simulation is not what you want to be simulating then delete everything you no longer desire. You’re in total control of the simulation. Close unwanted programs to reclaim the resources you need to create what you desire. If you don’t get rid of the clutter you’ll end up intending what you want and have your reality respond with an hourglass icon :p


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