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Motivation; The inner force that drives people to success!
Only about 5% of a given population are highly motivated. But don’t let the statistics scare you – Motivation can be learned.
Here are some tips and tricks to get you started;

#1 Have a goal
Motivation has its origin in the Latin word “mover” which means “to move”, thus motivation means to move, and it’s difficult if you don’t know what you’re moving towards.

The only problem by setting yourself goals is that you’ve heard this so often that it tends to come off as a cliché. However it can not be emphasized enough; If you want to succeed, whether it’s with your training program or you new business, you need to WRITE DOWN a concise, measurable, challenging and personally meaningful goal, and you need to put a timeframe on it!
Once you’ve done this there’s another important step to make – take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Write “cost” on one side of the line and “benefits” on the other. Then under “benefits” you write down the three most meaningful ways your life will change if you achieve this goal. Under “cost” you write down the three most meaningful things in your life you have to sacrifice to reach this goal. Once you’ve done this, spend some time contemplating whether or not it’s worth it for you. If the benefits outweigh the drawbacks you should keep this plan. If the negatives outweigh the positives don’t even try it – Start over until you’re convinced it’s worth going for it!

Step #2 Get a partner or a mentor

This is probably the most documented strategy of all. Whether it’s a trainingpartner or someone you can bounce your ideas off in business. When your trainingpartner is waiting for you at the gym it makes it alot harder not to go. Same if your mentor is waiting for you at a café. All you have to do is show up, and if you don’t feel like giving 100%, he or she can cheer you up (sometimes it might be the other way around, we’ve all got bad days).

Ideally your partner should be stronger, have more experience and be more diciplined than you, but the most important part is that you find someone to work with. My suggestion? Observe people in the gym (or people in businesslife) who seem to be dedicated and consistent, introduce yourself and develop a partnership. Once you’ve set your goals straight this is, in my opinion, the most important step to get your motivation going.

Step #3 Plan your training/business like it’s a deal between you and someone else.

There’s an old story about a zen master who fills a big box with rocks, then he asks his student if the box is full. The boy answers “yes master, the box is full”. Then the master puts a bunch of pebbles in the box and asks the same question again “Is it full now?” The boy hesitates for a couple of seconds before answering ” Yes master, now the box is full”. So now the master pours a bag of sand into the box. “What about now?” he says. “Yes master, now it’s definately full!”. “Are you sure?” says the master. “Yes master. There’s not room for anything more in the box now!” The master then pours a jug of water into the box and says “Now the box is full!”

The moral of this story is -If you want to have room for the biggest stones (the most important things in your life), then you have to put them in first. If you are like most people you might end up saying, “Tomorrow I’ll do this and that”. When tomorrow comes, maybe something didn’t go as planned – maybe you were late for work and couldn’t catch up all day, and you were stressing to get things done. After dinner you’re dead tired and decide to “put off” the things you were supposed to do until tomorrow.

Here’s a better strategy: Instead of planning to do something “tomorrow”, plan to do something at a specific time. If you don’t plan to do it at a specific time and you skip it, you fool yourself into thinking you just delayed it until tomorrow instead of thinking you just lost time to do what was important to you. If you DO plan it however, reality will sink in and you will be aware that you just lost this opportunity, you didn’t delay it.

Step #4 Keep a diary

These are my three reasons to write a diary or journal. Whether it’s for business, diet or training.

The first reason is that you can not improve your previous best performances if you don’t know what they were. And don’t even try to tell me you can remember this!! Do you write down your bank transactions, or do you trust your memory here as well?

The second reason to keep a diary is that when you write down your new personal best records it’s a small reward in itself. Almost like when you went to school as a child and put your drawings on the fridge. This may not sound as much, but small rewards can be really meaningfull.

Personally I love writing down my “new personal best”, and the fact that I’m doing it has helped me through the harder times.

The third and last reason why you should document everything is that it will show you what has (and hasn’t) worked for you in the past. Armed with this information you can take a look at it, and instead of re-inventing the wheel, you can just repeat what has proven to give you great results previously.

#5 Pretend that you want to the things when you have bad days.

Even the best of us will have days where we don’t feel like work/exercise. When this happens it’s a great strategy to be nice to yourself. Go to the gym or to work and just do a half-assed job. Take one step at the time. Put on your clothes. Get in the car. Drive to the Gym/workplace. The reasoning behind this is simple: Even a half-assed effort is better than no effort!! And most times, if you can just get your ass out the door, you will end up being productive anyway.

#6 Create a limited timeframe for yourself

Rather than creating work/training for yourself, and then take the time you need to complete it, do it the other way around. Create a limited timeframe for what you need to do and then do everything you can within that frame. It’s alot easier to keep going when it’s hard when you know it’s not gonna last long.

Are you motivated yet?



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