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Let’s all get drunk!

Good news for everybody who likes alcohol AND exercise!


If you’re a couchpotato and in addition don’t drink alcohol you are in the group of people who has the biggest risk of dying of heart disease. At least if we are to believe a danish study where they followed 12000 people for a lifetime. The risk of getting heart disease will be greatly reduced if you combine a moderate intake of alcohol with a healthy and active lifestyle.
Those who exercise on a regular basis and drink 1-2 beers a day has an astonishing 30 percent less chance of getting cardiovascular disease than people who don’t drink at all.
The scientists emphasize that exercise of course has the biggest impact on your health, so it’s better to stop drinking than to stop training, but the combination of the two is apparantly the best – as long as you don’t have more than one or two glasses a day.

Well, this is great news for me since I own a bar as well. Feel free to stop by for a couple of beers!!


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