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32 Reasons Why You Might Be a Gymtard?

More than half the people who go to the gym every day don’t do anything meaningful when they’re there. They just fuck around without any goal or plan, and they end up without results. I call them Gymtards.

Below I’ve made a list so you can find out if you’re one of those people. The rules are as follows; If you do 2 or more of these, then you are a Gymtard.

You’re a Gymtard if you;

1. Laugh at people who don’t perform the exercise correct, and don’t tell them or show them how to do it!

2. Think you know better than everyone else just because you’ve got the biggest muscles!

3. Don’t do leg work-outs, or skip them every other time you’re supposed to do them!

4. You don’t care about technique, the only important thing is to get that weight up!

5. You don’t put the equipment back where it belongs because the previous guy didn’t do it either!

6. You work out wearing jeans!

7. You’ll do sit-ups 7 days a week because you want that sixpack before summer!

8. When you walk around you look like you have melons in your armpits!

9. You’ll follow the same routine for months, even though you don’t see any results!

10. Posing in front of the mirror is more important than training!

11. You talk more than you lift!

12. You creep out all the girls by staring at them!

13. You’ll do all your exercises right next to the girls who do hip-thrust and glute-bridge

14. You’ll lower the weight in 0.2 seconds doing benchpress, just to bounce it of your chest (and break a few ribs) so you can raise it again!

15. You talk to people who are actually doing something, and don’t stop even when they tell you to shut up!

16. You’ll moan and groan like a woman in labor when you’re doing bicep-curls!

17. You accuse anyone bigger than you of using steroids!

18. You work your biceps in 6 different ways, but you only have 2 exercises for your legs!

19. You believe that you have to drink your proteinshake the very instant you finish your last set!

20. You’ll go home just because things felt a little harder to do today!

21. You think the gym is a place to pick up women!

22. You’ll only take advice from someone bigger than you!

23. You’ll start your training by doing bicep-curls!

24. You don’t wipe your sweat off the equipment after you’re done!

25. You’ll shower yourself in deodorant and aftershave before going to the gym!

26. Even though the sun is shining and the weather is perfect you’ll  do 90 minutes cardio on the treadmill!

27. You’ll occupy equipment and talk to people, and there’s a long line of people waiting to use the equipment you’re on!

28. You’ll increase the weight by just putting on all the small ones instead of changing the bigger weights!

29. You brought your camera and do a small photosession in the gym. Gotta take those pictures for the blog!

30. You can’t go to the gym without posting it on social media!

31. You shave your chest/crotch in the shower after training, whether you’re alone or not!

32. You end up in the Emergency Room with a slipped disc in your back… after doing bicep-curls… in the Smith machine!!!!


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