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How To Give a Proper Handshake


Today I met two limp-wristed people, and it creeps me out every time. A handshake is such a little detail that can tell me so much about you. You don’t want to make it limp, nor too hard. So how do you give a proper handshake?

  1. Approach a person’s line of sight.
  2. Look the person in the eye and smile
  3. DO NOT give him “The limp fish” handshake!! It’s makes people nauceaus
  4. DO NOT give him “The deathgrip”!! This isn’t a grip workout or a pissing contest, no need to squeeze to hard.
  5. Use a firm grip.

There you have it! It really shouldn’t be necessary for me to write this, everybody should be taught at an early age how to give a proper handshake but apparantly that is not the case.



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