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Never Do Anything Inconsistent With Your Goal

Every single thing you do in your life will either be a step in the direction of your goal or a step away from it. How devoted are you to your cause?

To reach the pinnacle of any goal you need to do the most amount of good and the least amount of bad. When a question arises about whether or not you should do anything, you must ask yourself is this: will this help me become strong, faster or will it weaken my body and resolve? To develop your ability to always follow the higher path may take time. As long as you are building this commitment you will gain steam.

There is the possibility that many things would seem to neither help nor hinder your goal. Doing such a thing would not be bad in and of itself. However, at this point the question becomes could I spend my time on something productive that would help my cause?

Any man can and will wish for a thing. He will hope to one day be strong. But you are not this man. It is not a hope. It is not a wish. It is a keen, pulsating desire, which transcends everything else. It is definite. The difference is the former person would like to have strength would it be given away for free.

A burning desire means you are loyal to your goal. Read that sentence one more time. Speak it out loud. Understand that if you truly want to walk this path you are making the commitment. This means you can not do many things that would seem pleasing in the short term. Eat good food that will properly fuel you, think consistently about your goal, and get quality sleep every night.Failure to do these things is breaking that oath. At the same time you cannot beat yourself up over doing so. Should you slip up it is best not to worry about it or hate yourself for doing so. The best thing is to learn from it than let it go. Move on and do not fall again.



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