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Need Some Inspiration? 10 Inspirational Talks

If you need a burst of inspiration make sure you check out this video on TED. 10 very creative thinkers share their ideas and strategies to let your inner genious … Continue reading

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80 Year Old Conquers Mount Everest

Yuichiro Miura (80) from Japan climbed the worlds highest mountain Mt. Everest earlier this week. By doing this he set a new world record for being the oldest person ever … Continue reading

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How To Deal With Death

This was written by Chris “Douggs” McDougall, one of the most experienced, hard-core BASE jumpers on the planet, and the author of the book “Confessions of an Idiot: A Colourful … Continue reading

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Never Do Anything Inconsistent With Your Goal

Every single thing you do in your life will either be a step in the direction of your goal or a step away from it. How devoted are you to … Continue reading

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The Iron -By Henry Rollins-

I believe that the definition of definition is reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. Completely. When I was young I … Continue reading

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Will Strength Training Make You Manlier?

If you lift weights to become bigger and stronger does it actually make you more of a man? Well, let’s take a look at the reasons why I think the … Continue reading

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Interview With The Legendary Thai Hulk

Planning to come to Thailand to lose some weight? Read this inspiring interview with Peter -The Thai Hulk. He’s a legend at the Tiger Muay Thai gym. I trained with … Continue reading

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